$5400 usd
price per person INCLUDING taxes and hunting licence

Hunt Dates


Do you want to hunt BIG bodied, Heavy horned deer​ in the remote big timber forests of Saskatchewan? SWO has been managed for trophy quality. We have great genetics and a massive area. By only targeting deer over 4.5 years old combined with limiting the amount of hunters we take we ensures quality over quantity! Stands are a combination of enclosed fiberglass ground blinds, enclosed elevated blinds and popup ground blinds.We also have heaters in the blinds to keep you comfortable when the temperatures drop . Each Stand  also has a camera so we know what stand will give you the best opportunity. We don't take shortcuts or cut corners and we believe in good quality equipment to help you enjoy your hunt to the fullest. This combination makes SWO the #1 choice for your Saskatchewan Hunting Adventure! 


2021 Hunt Dates 

Hunt 1- Oct 31st -  Nov 6th               Rifle /Archery

Hunt 2 - Nov 7th - 13th                       Rifle/Archery

Hunt 3 - Nov 14th -  20th                   Rifle/Archer

Hunt 4 - Nov 21st -27th                      Rifle/Archery

Hunt 5 - Nov 28th -Dec 4th              Rifle/Archery 

Some Family fun in Saskatchewan for Whit
2022 Hunt Dates

Hunt 1  - Oct 30th -  Nov 5th             Rifle /Archery

Hunt 2 - Nov 6th - 12th                       Rifle/Archery

Hunt 3 - Nov 13th -  19th                    Rifle/Archer

Hunt 4 - Nov 20th -26th                     Rifle/Archery

Hunt 5 - Nov 27th -Dec 3rd              Rifle/Archery 


Your itinerary:

  • Arrival in Saskatoon on Saturday – Rent a car and Book a hotel room for the night

  • Departure at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning  arriving at SWO Base camp around  noon

  • Whitetail deer hunting from Monday to Friday

  • Departure on Saturday afternoon, shuttle transportation from the camp to the hotel – Book a hotel room for the night

  • Departure from Saskatoon on Sunday

Your package includes: 

  • One guide for two hunters

  • License and Tags

  • Accommodations and food at SWO hunt camp

  • Five days of deer hunting 

  • Preparation (taxidermy) of your trophy( option to take head and cape home with your or leave it at a local taxidermist)                                       Your package does NOT include:

  • The plane ticket to Saskatoon, SK 

  • Transportation from Saskatoon to SWO base camp

  • The hotel room upon arrival and departure

  • Guides/Cook's tip