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  • A valid passport for non-residents

  • Your plane ticket

  • A hunting permit for Canadian residents who made their request online on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment website. For non-residents, a hunting permit will be handed to you on site by the outfitters.

  • A firearm declaration for non-residents (form CAFC 909 EF – completed, but not signed) if you are bringing firearms into Canada.

  • Your hotel confirmation, if you are arriving on the Friday. If SWO is making the reservations for you, we will send you the information prior to your departure.

  • Your driver’s license 

Hunting gear:

  • A rifle  bow, crossbow or black powder rifle (muzzle loader),

  • Two boxes of ammunition 

  • A soft  case for your weapon (required for transportation at the outfitters)

  • A backpack

  • Binoculars

  • A knife

  • A flashlight and spare batteries

  • Hot pads for your hands and feet

  • Matches

  • Insecticide for bear hunting)

Hunting clothes:

  • Outdoor jackets in one of the following colours:

    • Bright red

    • Light yellow

    • Fluorescent orange

    • White (only suggested for deer hunting)

  • Cold Weather Gear for Deer Hunts, Heater Body suits are expensive but very good when the temperature drops 

  • Camouflage clothing should only be worn for bear hunting ,You don't need camo for the deer hunts 

  • If you are using a rifle or powder rifle, you must wear coloured clothing as indicated above.

  • An orange cap or tuque (mandatory only for whitetail deer hunting) – available at the outfitters for $20

  • A wool or fleece mask

  • Boots

    • Very warm for deer hunting( pac style hunting boots)

    • Regular for bear hunting (rubbers or muck boots are good)

  • Camp shoes

  • Wool socks

  • Light socks (e.g. polypropylene)

  • Sweat pants

  • T-shirts (e.g. polypropylene)

  • Warm shirts

  • Long polypropylene underwear

  • Mittens, gloves (bring more for deer hunting)

  • Rain gear

Personal belongings:

  • Camera

  • Video camera (optional)

  • Medication (if necessary)

    • People with food allergies or chronic diseases are asked to inform us and to mention it in the contract

  • First aid kit (optional)

  • Toiletries

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