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SWO is located in North Western Saskatchewan just  outside of Green lake. The area stretches along that magical line just north of the farm fringe. We hunt the forest where there is little to no hunting pressure. One of the most exciting parts of hunting the remote untouched forest is that your never know what might come by your stand! We do our best with trail cameras to pattern deer but they don't tell the whole storey. That old giant that has never been seen before could be right around the corner. The Whitetail and Black Bear have a chance to grow old! The area is BIG, over 120 000 acres.We have a good population with pockets of deer that have the Huge bodied and Dark Horns that Saskatchewan is famous for. Now if you want to talk about black bears this is absolutely one of the top destinations for a trophy quality Bear. You will have the chance at a true "trophy class" bear, which to us means a bear over 6' in length that weights 300 +LBS and has a Skull that scores at least 18". Give us a shout to enjoy a true hunting adventure and let us show you why this area is world class!

Keys To Success

+ Great Genetics  

+ Little Hunting Pressure

+ Camera at every Stand

+ Experienced,Enthusiastic Guides 

Quality over Quantity 

+ Huge Hunting Area, with exclusive rights to over 120 000 acres ( roughly  6000 Acres per hunter)

+ Management program of Harvesting deer 4.5 YRS or Older 

+ Hunt stands that are enclosed and heated

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