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   When you book a hunt with SWO we are committed to not only providing you with a chance at harvesting a great animal but also offering you the whole experience. That means you won't be staying in a bed & breakfast, a hotel, or the basement suite in my house. You'll be staying at our off the grid hunting camp in the middle of our hunting area. This rustic camp is the perfect spot to hangout after your finished hunting for the day. You'll be able to socialize with the other hunters, guides, and the cook. Sharing stories of the hunt and having a few good laughs is all part of what we offer at SWO. Its really the best of both worlds. You get the remote backcountry rustic feel like your "roughing it" but with a few extra comforts. We have hot running water, a shower, a flush toilet, satellite TV, and cell service at camp. We also make sure you won't go hungry with 3 delicious home cooked meals a day, prepared by our camp cook. We want you to have a chance at harvesting a great animal but at SWO the hunt is so much more then that... its the whole experience! Call us now to start planning your next Saskatchewan adventure.  

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