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If you've always wanted to work in the hunting or outdoor industry as a wilderness guide this is a great course to help get you started. Throughout out the course you will learn the necessary skills to be able to safely and successfully lead hunts in the back country. You will learn wilderness survival skills, animal identification, field judging trophy quality , proper techniques for caping, skinning, and hide preservation, butchering and meat cutting, chainsaw safety, atv/argo and watercraft use, hunt planning , client management and backcountry cooking. We run these courses In the spring season During April, May and June and again in the fall from October, November and December.  After Completion of the course you are able to take advantage of our placement program where we will use our network and contacts to get you a job in the industry. Call us today to start planning your new career path. 

Time to hunker down and get behind the g



We also offer winter eco tours. This is the perfect getaway. Come join us at our Saskatchewan Lodge in the middle of winter. We will explore this winter wonderland by snow machine. If you would like to get some good exercise  we have many snowshoeing trails. We also spend time ice fishing. The best part is coming back to a warm cozy camp with good home cooked meals. Get in touch to plan your wilderness winter vacation!

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